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The Christmas Wreath Crochet Handbag

The Christmas Wreath Crochet Handbag

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Embrace the magic of Christmas and spread the holiday cheer with our Christmas Themed Crochet Bag. Make a statement, celebrate the season, and let your style shine brightly. Don't miss the chance to own a piece of fashion that captures the essence of the holidays and creativity. Order your Christmas Themed Crochet Bag today and carry the spirit of Christmas with you wherever you roam!
  • All designs are insured and will be replaced if lost during transit.
  • This design is made with cotton blended yarn.
  • Sensitive skin friendly.
  • Perfect Gift for Christmas! 

A fully customizable and unique bag for the upcoming Christmas holidays! Feel free to change up the colors or add as many or little ornaments to the bag. If you have a picture of a Christmas wreath that you would love to make this bag in, please upload it in the section provided. 

This crochet bag is big enough to fit your phone, keys, sunglasses and makeup items. 



Crochet Swimsuits are made with cotton or cotton blended yarn. All swimsuits are water durable and will not sag.

Crochet Clothing is made with cotton blended yarn. It’s hypoallergenic and great with sensitive skin. Stripes and Sparkly clothing are made with acrylic yarn.

Crochet Accessories are made with either cotton blended yarn or high quality acrylic yarn.  

Shipping Information

Shipping is done with DHL Express. Please see the checkout page for the transit times and cost.

Size Guide

Care Instructions

Hand-wash in cold water and lay flat to dry.

Machine wash on gentle cycle(preferably in a wash bag) using cold water.
Place Dryer on gentle cycle or knitwear option. Use low heat. Use washing bags for smaller crochet items and items with fringes.

PLEASE Hand-wash ALL designs with fringes.

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