Order Updates

Hi loves, 

Firstly, thank you for supporting my small business. If you are visiting this page it means that you are in need of an order update as the delivery dates displayed on your order have passed. I sincerely apologize for this. Between the dates of April 26th to May 1st I unexpectedly received around 100 orders. I am deeply grateful for this as I get to share my work with even more lovely people. However, crochet is entirely handmade and takes time. Now, the great news is that I am almost finished with orders for these dates but the time that was taken to go through all these orders pushed back the delivery dates for the orders that came after, therefore causing a great delay. I do assure you that I am working around the clock to fulfil your orders and deliver them so that you can have your handmade pieces to wear for the summer season. I seek your understanding and I ask that you bear with me. Thank you again. 




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